Abel Island                
 Guttenberg, Iowa

Abel Island Home Page

Abel Island is a fly-in, boat-in, drive in,   residential oasis tucked away in the Northeastern corner of Iowa on the Mississpippi river. 
To contact us, please email:  FlyinEyeDr@aol.com or call:  319-480-0913




The 17th Annual
Abel Island Fly-In, Float-in, 
Potluck and BBQ
Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Noon to 3:00 pm

Rain date: Sunday

Experience the fun of landing on a well-maintained 2,600 foot turf runway running down the center of an island in the Mississippi river or land your plane on the Mississippi river and pull up on a sandy beach.

What to bring? Bring your own meat to grill, a covered dish, table settings, and drinks.  We will provide the grills, tables, coffee, and water.  We also offer a limited number of our special smoked chicken legs for those unable to carry their own food.

Ample space is available for float planes  to dock or beach.

Special Note: In the interest of safety, VFR conditions must be reported at Prairie Du Chien (PDC), WI of 2,500 feet broken or better and visibility of 3 miles or better.  PDC AWOS available at 608-326-9122 or 119.925.  In the event of marginal weather, you may contact the host at (319) 480-0913




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