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    24th Annual
Abel Island Fly-In

  August 17, 2024

Noon to 3:00 PM

The Event

Experience the fun of landing on a well-maintained 2,600 foot turf runway running down the center of an island in the Mississippi river or land your plane on the Mississippi river and pull up on a sandy beach.


The Runway

Information on the runway can be found here.


What to Bring?

Bring your own meat to grill, a covered dish, table settings, and drinks.  We will provide the grills, tables, coffee, and water.  We also offer a limited number of our special smoked chicken legs for those unable to carry their own food.

Ample space is available for float planes  to dock or beach.

Special Notes

In the interest of safety, VFR conditions must be reported at Prairie Du Chien (PDC), WI of 2,500 feet broken or better and visibility of 3 miles or better.  PDC AWOS available at 608-326-9122 or 119.925.  In the event of marginal weather, you may contact the host at (319) 480-0913.

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